I See You

2019 | Dir: Adam Randall | Wri: Devon Graye | USA

Screenshot from I See You

I See You starts off as a police procedural, then morphs into a supernatural horror, then adds some social message to the proceedings, before revealing itself as a very smart thriller. This is not a case of a film having multiple personalities or that the story doesn’t know to which genre it should adhere to. On the contrary, it plays with our expectations of any given genre and excels in all of them.

In a small Ohio town a second teenager disappears in a seemingly different circumstances. One of the detectives on the case, Greg Harper (plyed by Jon Tenney) is having some marital issues with his well-to-do wife Jackie (played by Helen Hunt) and there appear to be some weird happenings in their house. Are these all related? Should these be related?

A minor spoiler — one of the above is a McGuffin. Or maybe all of them are. Regardless, Devon Graye’s script weaves a tapestry of distinct genres and moods to deliver a highly satisfactory story, one that will keep you guessing all the way to its amazing finale. It’s not perfect, but as a genre (or genres) film, I See You is far superior than anything that it resembles.